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A Nest Success Story: AMPE Services

Article by The Nest Team

Nest has been growing at an exciting pace. Nest's registered users have increased 10 fold in the last six months with an exponential increase in provider listings and vacancies. What’s really exciting however, is that we’re hearing success stories about people with disability finding their perfect home on Go Nest and moving in!

Recently when our team was on-the-road talking with providers, we met representatives from provider AMPE Services who shared their story about using Nest to fill their first group home. AMPE Services is a registered NDIS provider based in Oran Park, NSW. The organisation provides a range of services for people with disability, including Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Independent Living (SIL).

We sat down with Alice Gleeson and her colleague Ben Krakue, to chat about how Nest has helped them.

Ben first heard about Nest at the launch in Sydney back in April, where he received a lot of information about signing up and the benefits of the platform for providers like AMPE Services.

“At the Nest launch, you demonstrated with real clients how they can utilise this platform. I used the information I heard at the launch to make a Nest account,” Ben says. Not long after signing up, AMPE Services uploaded their first group home with four vacant bedrooms. The property quickly attracted interest.

“Within six weeks we already had customers applying through Nest, which was amazing,” recalls Ben.

“The applications came through automatically. As soon as someone placed an application, we received an email notification with an Excel spreadsheet that included the customer’s details and what kind of home they are looking for. With that information it was easy to establish contact with the customer and take it to the next step of the application process.”

“We received five applications through Nest in total, and out of that, four people were accepted and able to move into our group home.”

Disability group home - living room

Both Ben and Alice were thrilled with the outcome of advertising their properties on Nest. “I am really impressed. Without Nest, it would not have been possible to receive the applications so quickly. Through Nest we are able to get business. The site helped me with my very first group home, and thanks to Nest I was able to fill each room. For me, Nest will always be in the story of AMPE Services. We really appreciate the website,” says Alice.

Ben and Alice were also impressed with the customer service and support provided by the Nest team at all stages through their experience with the site.

“We love the customer service. Whenever we ring up it isn’t a machine answering our questions. We always get a response from somebody who will either answer us straight away, email us the information we are looking for or schedule a time to ring us. For us, that is really helpful because it can be really stressful trying to find answers so we need to talk to somebody.”

“At one point we did have an issue with using Nest, but the information we were given was spot on and we were able to correct the issue immediately. Your customer service is really good so keep it up!”

With residents now living happily in their first group home, AMPE Services is currently in the process of uploading their second property to Nest. To view AMPE Services homes on Nest, please click here.

Thank you Alice and Ben for sharing your story with us! We’re so glad Nest has been able to help you. All the best with filling your next property!

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