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A Nest Success Story: Bridges Care Services

Article by The Nest Team

More and more providers are finding success with Nest and filling disability housing vacancies. We spoke with Buch Ezidiegwu from Bridges Care Services about how the platform has helped them to reach more customers looking for disability housing.

What is Bridges Care Services?

Bridges Care Services is an NDIS registered provider. We are a wellbeing and lifestyle company with a focus on Supported Independent Living, Short Term Accommodation and Community Access. First, we provide you with the right accommodation that promotes your wellbeing. Next, we connect you with the right community to access a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to bridge the gaps in your wellbeing and lifestyle, focussing on your ability towards independent living.

How did you first hear about Nest?

We heard about Nest from another NDIS provider. We signed up to advertise our accommodation services and attract the right target audience. This was back in December 2018.

How many properties do you have on Nest?

At the moment, we have ten vacancies in total across four properties currently advertised on Nest. These properties are located in Claymore 2559, Oran Park 2570 and Rouse Hill 2155. They are all for NDIS Supported Independent Living and Short Term Accommodation. View our listings here! Since joining, we've filled one vacancy from a Nest application.

When did you receive your first applications?

We received our first application within 30 days of uploading our listing. The upload process was easy and quick, as was reviewing applications.

Overall, what do you like about Nest?

We like that Nest is free and more importantly, that it is a niche platform to advertise accommodation services in the mental health and disability sectors. We find the Nest customer service team very responsive and proficient in service delivery and customer satisfaction. Keep up the good work!

Will you recommend Nest to other providers?

I would not hesitate in recommending Nest to any NDIS provider because of the quality of the platform, coupled with a well-informed customer service team whose efforts are geared towards meeting their customers' needs.

Are there any other comments you would like to add?

Nest is the right platform for NDIS accommodation services. Do not hesitate to come onboard. A trial will convince you!

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