Provider Code of Conduct

As a user of the Provider Service we expect you and your employees/agents/contractors to meet this Code of Conduct. In creating a Provider account and uploading properties and rooms you acknowledge and agree to comply with this Code of Conduct.

Property and room listing
  1. You will provide properties and rooms that are genuinely available to suitably matched people with disability.
  2. The information that you provide about properties and rooms will be clear, and will not misrepresenting the standard, location or general facilities included in those properties.
  3. You will hide filled rooms and properties in a timely manner once the room has been filled and is no longer available for potential matching.
  4. With new builds/greenfield sites you will describe them and the likely facilities and availability in a realistic and truthful way, notwithstanding the amount of information, degree of control and any approval/timing issues.
  5. You will endeavour to provide accurate and relevant images/floorplans to promote the property and room.
  6. You have full consent to use any image of a property or person that you upload in your property listing.

Applications and dealing with customers
  1. You acknowledge that the primary customer base for the Nest platform is people with disability and their carers/agents and you will ensure that your communications and service systems are appropriate for this audience.
  2. You will respond to applications in a timely manner, including acknowledging all applications received.
  3. In dealing with customers about a particular room you will act in an honest, open manner ensuring that the customer has choice, control and makes their own decisions about whether or not to proceed with a room.
  4. Once a room is filled you will notify all applicants that the room is no longer available and that their application is no longer active. This will be communicated in a timely manner, including withdrawing the room from the system.
  5. You will set the parameters around numbers of applications for rooms based on a reasonable expectation for filling that room and will not excessively restrict or leave open a room allowing suitably matched customers to have a reasonable prospect of an application at least leading to an initial discussion about filling the room.
  6. You will not claim to represent, act on behalf of or anyway imply a connection, partnership or venture with Nest or Northcott Innovation.

Dealing with Nest
  1. You acknowledge that Nest will approve any listings to ensure that they meet Nest platform standards (including not breaching privacy or confidentiality requirements) and that such approvals will happen in a timely manner during normal business hours.
  2. On filling a room you will promptly communicate this to Nest via email (but without providing the name of the person that is filling the room).
  3. You will acknowledge any applications received.
  4. You will ensure that any staff, contractors or agents engaged with you to manage your properties or rooms through Nest are aware of this Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it.