About Us

What is Nest?

Nest is an independent online home matching tool for people with disability and disability housing providers.

Nest matches people with disability who are looking for a home with available Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) properties that properly meet their needs.

Nest is a fast and easy way for disability housing and Supported Independent Living providers to find and shortlist eligible candidates to fill vacant properties and rooms.

Nest is free, fully accessible and totally independent.

Please be patient – We’re still building Nest

If you’ve reached this page, you’ve realised the Nest website and matching engine are live! Thanks for dropping by!

Nest has been two years in the making so far and while we are very excited to have a live website and matching platform, there is still a lot of work and testing to be done.

You are currently viewing the beta version of Nest. We have launched the site so we can share it with SDA providers, disability service providers and people with disability in order for them to check out the platform and help us make refinements and improvements.

If you spot or encounter any bugs, lack of functionality, errors or other issues, or you have feedback about the platform or website, please let us know. You can email us at info@gonest.com.au, complete our enquiry form or fill in a feedback form. We are committed to building a tool to enable all people with disability to find their perfect home.

Who is behind Nest?

Nest has been developed by Northcott Innovation, an established disability focussed innovation company, and subsidiary of disability services provider, Northcott.

Northcott Innovation is a solutions developer focused on creating new and innovative products and services for people with disability. Its purpose is to enable the co-creation of solutions to support people with disability to live as equals in their communities.

Want to know more?

Contact us for a confidential discussion:
P: 1300 547 905
E: info@gonest.com.au