Simplify the way you list and fill disability properties

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Features and benefits for providers of disability housing

It’s free – no advertising costs

Turn listings on and off when needed

Connect with thousands of people with disability

Fill rooms fast and increase your revenue with fewer empty properties.

List an entire property or list a vacant room

It’s fully accessible

Let our matching engine do the hard work for you.

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Nest in four steps

1.List your properties and rooms

2.Review matched applicants

Nest’s matching engine ensures all applications are matched to your vacancy’s criteria.

3.Check the compatibility of applicants

Spend more time checking the compatibility of applicants with existing residents.

4.Select applicant to move in

Offer your vacancy to an applicant you know meets your funding requirements and is well-suited to other residents.

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Information about Nest

Who can use Nest?

Disability housing providers

Community and social housing providers

Real estate agents and private landlords

People with disability and their families

Carers and support workers of people with disability

Who is behind Nest?

Nest has been developed by Northcott Innovation, an established disability focussed innovation company, and subsidiary of disability services provider, Northcott.

NI is a solutions developer involved in creating new and innovative products and services for people with disability. NI’s purpose is to enable the co-creation of solutions to support people with disability to live as equals in their communities. NI is not a provider of disability housing or disability support services.

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