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Three reasons people with disability should register with Nest to find a home

Here are three reasons why you should register with Nest (other than the fact that it’s free!).

Have you ever thought about what it may be like to move out of home? Or perhaps you already live in your own place but you are thinking about moving locations? If this sounds like you — and you have specialist disability accommodation (SDA) funding — then Nest can help you!

1. Nest has lots of SDA properties in the one place

Through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), people with disability who have high support needs may receive annual funding (known as SDA funding) to pay for accommodation in specially approved properties. SDA properties are an important aspect of the NDIS, giving people with disability the option to live independently with the right support. The new SDA policy is also about providing better options for young people with disability living within aged care facilities.

Nest was created specifically for SDA properties, which means all the properties listed on the site must be genuine SDA-approved properties. If you have SDA funding in your NDIS package, you can register with Nest and search for homes with the assurance you’ll be able to use your funding for any properties matched to you by the Nest engine.

2. Nest puts choice and power back in your hands

Nest has been created to empower you to decide the type of place you would like to live in and where you want to live. You can choose to search anonymously, picking a location and viewing brief information about the options that come up for that particular area. If you create a profile, you will need to provide detailed information about your situation such as the type of NDIS funding you have, your support requirements and your personal preferences. Nest then works by matching your profile with properties and rooms that align with the things you tell us about what you want in a home and the funding you have.

Another good thing to remember is that Nest is provider neutral. This means it provides access to properties owned and managed by a wide variety of providers throughout NSW, allowing you to have more options in your chosen location. We are also looking to expand into other states (another reason to sign up, as you will be notified every time Nest is updated with an exciting development).

3. You can window shop

Registering with Nest doesn’t mean you are necessarily ready to move out right now! One of the best parts of the platform is that you can use it to search anonymously to see what’s available in the areas your like, with the features you want. Even if moving out is a ‘some time in the future’ prospect, you can still create your profile and start searching – just to get an idea of what’s out there. If you find something you like, you can ‘favourite’ that property, and take your time to decide when and if you would like to apply for it. In the future, Nest will also automatically alert you when new properties that match your profile are listed and if one of the properties in your favourites list becomes available.

Why not register on Nest and start exploring options for your new home today?

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