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Nest Easy English Guide

Can I manage multiple people and search on this basis?

Yes. As an agent you can set up sub-accounts for each individual with disability you represent. However, when you use the system you can only search and act as one person at a time. This is to make it fair to individual users so that a large search with lots of people is not being managed from one entry.

How do you verify that I am acting on behalf of somebody?

We ask you to supply the information of that person as if you are that person. When you create a sub-account for that person you will be asked to confirm that you have the right to represent that person and search on their behalf.

Please note that this does not stop that person from setting up their own account and searching Nest as an individual.

How does the enquiry process work for me?

Just as if you are an individual. When you make an enquiry about a room you are doing so as that person. The disability housing provider is likely to want to see documentation/authorisation from that person to verify you can act on their behalf.

Do I have to pay to use Nest?

No. Nest is free to people with disability and their carers/agents to use to find somewhere to live.

Other information

For more specific information about how Nest works and the enquiry/room process please refer to the section For people with disability looking for somewhere to live.